How It Works

Sound Massage Explained

What is a Singing Bowl?

The origin of the singing bowl dates back to the ancient Eastern cultures of Japan, China, Thailand, and the Himalaya region. They resemble bells that are struck from the outside. Because their specific sound is supposed to bring inner clarity, singing bowls are often used for meditation.

Singing bowls are manufactured from a combination of five to twelve metals. The combination of metals determines the quality of vibration and tonal characteristics of the bowl.

A singing bowl produces sound when it is tapped or struck with a mallet.

The Peter Hess® Method

Peter Hess began his career as an engineer, but his life-long interest in teaching and psychology led him to India and Nepal, where he studied untraditional forms of healing and researched the effects of sounds on the mind and body.

Through his work with singing bowls, Peter developed The Peter Hess® Sound Massage. The Peter Hess methods are structured to create a consistent offer of relaxation.

It is the softness of the sounds that allows you to experience the pure effect of the singing bowls on your body.

The Peter Hess® Singing Bowls are produced specifically for this purpose.

Our Peter Hess® Singing Bowls are produced at the highest quality according to the old tradition with all twelve traditional metals. A small piece of an old bowl is added to the mix as a carrier of ancient wisdom.

A complete set for therapy includes

  • Small Bowl – High sound – Heart and throat
  • Medium Bowl – Wide sound spectrum – Hand, foot, joints
  • Large Bowl – Deep sound – Upper and lower abdomen

What Happens in the Body?

A picture will help you to understand the process and effect of a sound massage. If you drop a pebble into a pond, concentric waves spread over the whole pond and set every molecule of water into motion. Our bodies consist of 70% of water. So, something similar happens in our body during a sound massage.

Pleasant vibrations are traveling into the body and spread there in concentric waves, giving a pleasant cell massage to the more than 100 trillion cells in the body.

When the organs and tissues are free of blockages, the sound waves spread unimpeded and exit through the toes, the fingertips, and the tips of the hair. However, our bodies are usually not free of blockages. Through unresolved problems, stress, and worries, we build blockages that manifest as pain and soreness.

During a sound massage the human brain enters into the alpha-state, which is the state commonly experienced between waking and sleeping.

In this state, our breath becomes quieter and deeper, and we begin to let go. In letting go, we can get rid of worries, problems, blockages, and disease. We find a new harmony where clarity and healing can occur of mind, body, and soul.

Sound Self Care

Peter Hess® Singing Bowls can become your valued companions when faced with the daily challenges of stress and physical ailments. You can make an appointment with yourself to relax, meditate, or find creative solutions.

You can just keep your singing bowl nearby and use it whenever you desire. Many acute physical problems might improve through Sound Self Care, as it strengthens the immune system and the healing power of the body.

The method is simple and can be quickly and easily learned.

It only takes 5 minutes per day.

Each day, you have the chance to move into greater harmony with your body and self.


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