Reduce Shoulder & Neck Pain

The neck and shoulders are the main area in the body where all burdens are placed. In many people you can actually visually see that they carry this weight on their shoulders.

During a sound massage the sound waves gently flow into the neck and shoulder regions and loosen the muscles. Little by little, the cells loosen and reorganize themselves. As the cells are massaged, the tension may or may not slowly dissipate and it will feel like the weight lifting right off the shoulders.

Improve Circulation

Everybody has probably experienced the sensation of ice cold hands or feet. When this happens, we often complain about having poor circulation. In fact, circulatory issues are commonly caused by certain organs or tissues in the body that are not getting enough blood supply. For some people, circulatory issues can be chronic.

Sound massage is known to improve circulation and blood flow throughout the body. It’s even possible that your feet could be warmer!

Reduce Joint Pain & Stiffness

Our internal energy blockages tend to settle in our joints. A sound massage can be especially effective for joint problems. The sound waves and vibrations gently loosen and begin to put the sore spots back in order. Muscles become more mobile and stabile making them better suited to protect the joints.

Lower Blood Pressure

It is normal for the human body to experience a rise in blood pressure in response to physical exertion or a stressful situation. A sound massage can be helpful in reducing stress induced high blood pressure, especially in individuals who are constantly exposed to high pressure situation and need help to relax.

In a matter of minutes, the whole body, mind, and spirit will start to relax and stress will be diminished.